Sirena Vacuum Cleaner with Water Filtration - Better than a Rainbow SI-S10NA

Sirena Vacuum with Water Filtration

I like this vacuum, the vacuum is from Canada and it meets or exceeds the Rainbow vacuum specifications at 1/3 the price of a Rainbow Vacuum.

The Sirena Vacuum uses a water filtering system that traps the dirt within the water. Because water never clogs the way bags and filters do, Sirena cleans efficiently and perfect for all types of floors.

  • Safe to use of bare floors or carpet and super-efficient, the canister-style Sirena Vacuum with Water Filtration efficiently traps dirt in its unique water-based filtration system
  • Never clogs, and has no bags or dust cups to change or clean
  • Includes Upholstery Brush, Floor Brush Crevice Tool and Dust Brush
  • HEPA filter - Washable
  • Measures 12" L x 14' W x 19" H
  • Cord measures 21'
  • Telescoping Wands
  • 77" Wet / Dry Hose
  • 75" Electric Hose
  • Quiet 69-71 dB
  • Power Nozzle - low profile with adjustable height for all carpet types
  • Weighs 19 lb.
  • Two Speed motor - 1200 Watt
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the motor
  • Model S10NA

Sirena Vacuum w/Water Filtration, the Total Home Cleaning System. From its unique stylish look to its high quality ABS construction, Sirena is designed to clean like no other system. That’s because Sirena is not just another vacuum cleaner. What makes Sirena different? The answer is as clear as water. Sirena harnesses the power of nature to eliminate airborne dust, embedded dirt in carpets, pet hair, dust mites, household odors, smoke, and even picks up water. Sirena comes with an array of features. Whether you are aromatizing the air, vacuuming carpets, cleaning hard floors, picking up water, reaching high areas or even inflating an air mattress, Sirena will get the job done every time. Sirena can replace all your cleaning tools. However, all your cleaning tools will never replace Sirena. Traditional vacuums lose efficiency quickly. Dirt and dust that pass through the bag or filters reduces the airflow. Reduced airflow means less cleaning ability. That’s more work for you. Here is the unhealthy part. Bacteria and germs grow in dark, warm, filthy places and every time you turn on or even dump the vacuum pollutants are transferred into the air you breathe. Switching from one brand to another brand doesn’t help. They all work the same way.Sirena has solved the problem. Like nature, Sirena uses water to trap the dirt. There are no bags. Separator technology allows the air to flow through the water non-stop. Sirena gives you 100% suction, 100% airflow, 100% cleaning efficiency all the time.

$ 1,023.49 $ 889.99
Save $ 133.50

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