Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner Fan / Impeller- 09-75300-01 with washer - SEE NOTE

Oreck Fan Or Impeller Plastic Fan Blade Washer And Spring Washer

Oreck Vacuum Fan / Impellerâ Blade With Washer And Spring Washer
2-3/4" Diameter

Will Fit The Following Models.

 Please note:  the fan nut loosens in the opposite direction (lefty tighty, righty lucy)

U2000E U3720Hg U4170Hh Xl2606Hh
U2000E2 U3720Hr U4180Hhc Xl2610Hh
U2000Eb U3760Hh U4180Hht Xl2635Rh
U2000H U3761Hh U4200H2 Xl2700Hh
U2000H2 U3770Hh U4490Hh Xl2700Rh
U2000Hh U3771Hh Xl2000Hh Xl2700Rhy
U2000R U3772Hhb Xl2000Rh Xl2705Hh
U2000Rb U3772Hhg Xl2000Rs Xl2800H2B
U2000Rsb U3772Hht Xl2005Hh Xl2800H2Us
U2007Rh U3773Fl Xl2005Rh Xl2800H2W
U2160Hh U3773Ga Xl2006Hh Xl2800Hay
U2170Hh U3773Lsu Xl2006Rh Xl3505Hh
U2200Rd U3773Osu Xl2007Hh Xl3600Hh
U2250Rs U3773Tn Xl2070Rh Xl3600Rh
U2251Rs U3773Tx Xl2090Rhm Xl3605Hh
U2255Rs U3773Txam Xl2090Rsm Xl3610Hh
U2310Rd U3780Hh Xl20R7Rh Xl3640Hh
U2310Rsf U3785Hhm Xl2100Hh Xl36R7Hh
U2330Rd U3785Hht Xl2100Rh Xl3800H2B
U2505Rhb U3795Hhs Xl2100Rs Xl3900H2B
U2505Rhr U3800Hh Xl2200Rs Xl3910H2B
U2510Rh U3980H2B Xl2205Rh Xl5-105Hh
U2520Rh U3990H2B Xl2206Rh Xl9000D
U2530Rh U4070H2L Xl2250Rs Xl9000W
U2540Rh U4080H2B Xl2260Rs Xl9100C
U2555Rh U4080H2R Xl2300Rs Xl9100E
U2565Rh U4080H2Y Xl2310Rs Xl9100Hg
U2630Hhg U4090H2B Xl2320Rh Xl9200
U2630Hhr U4090H2G Xl2325Rh Xl9300
U2640Rh U4090H2P Xl2330Hs Xl9300C
U2645Hh U4090H2T Xl2330Rs Xl9300E
U2650Hhb U4120H2B Xl2400Rs Xl9300Es
U2650Hhr U4120H2P Xl2450Rh Xl9300G
U2650Hhw U4120H2R Xl2455Rh Xl9300H
U2740Rd U4140Hh Xl2500Hh Xl9300Mm
U3120Hh U4145Hh Xl2500Rh Xl9300Ms
U3140Hh U4150H2P Xl2540Rh Xl9300S
U3620Hh U4150H2R Xl2545Rh Xl9800
U3640Rh U4151H2G Xl2600Hh
U3700Hh U4155H2G Xl2605Hh
U3710Hh U4160Hh Xl2605Hht


Make Sure You Have Your Vacuum Cleaner Unplugged Before Doing Any Repairs.  If You Are Unsure Of Installation Or The Repair Process Please Contact Us Or Bring Your Machine To A Qualified Repair Center. This Is Not An Original Equipment Manufactured Part And If Applicable, Not Included Under The Original Manufacturer'S Warranty.  The Oreck Brand Is A Registered Trademark And Its Use Is Solely For Compatibility Purposes

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