Oreck Brushroller XL upright vacuums - balanced hard wood design - 75930-03

Oreck Brush Roller Xl Upright Vacuums - Balanced Hard Wood Design - 75930-03

Brand New Replacement For The Oreck Xl Vacuum Cleaner Both Commercial And Residential.  This Is A Hardwood And Fully Balance Brush Roller That Is Designed For Your Upright Oreck Vacuum Cleaner And Contains Nearly 15000 Bristles.  Roller Brush May Also Be Called Brush Roll, Beater Bar, Agitator, Brush Bar Or Distribulator Assembly.

Fits The Oreck Xl Series Of Vacuums Including: Xl100C, Xl200Rs, Xl200Sg, Xl988, Xl988G, Xl2000Hh, Xl2000Rhb ,Xl2000Rs, Xl2005Rh,Xl2005Hh, Xl2070Rh, Xl2090Rh, Xl2100Rh, Xl2100Hh, Xl2100Rs, Xl2200Rs, Xl2205Rh, Xl2250Rs, Xl2300Rs, Xl2330Hs, Xl2400Rs, Xl2450Rh, Xl2500Hh, Xl2540Rh, Xl2545Rh, Xl2600Hh, Xl2605Hh, Xl2606Hh, Xl2635Rh, Xl2700Hh, Xl2700Rh, Xl2800, Xl2800H2W, Xl2800H2B, Xl2800Hay, Xl3600Hh, Xl3600Rh, Xl3605Hh, Xl3610Hh, Xl3760 Silver Model, Xl3800H2B, Xl3900H2B, Xl3910H2B, Xl5000, Xl5300, Xl8300, Xl9000D, Xl9000W, Xl9100C, Xl9100G, Xl9100Hg, Xl9200, Xl9200Sg, Xl9300, Xl9300S, Xl9300Ms, Xl9300C, Xl9300H, Xl9300Mm, Xl9400, Xl9800, 100C, 200Rs, 200Sg, 988, 988G, 2000Hh, 2000Rh, 2000Rs, 2005Rh, 2005Hh, 2070Rh, 2090Rh, 2100Rh, 2100Hh, 2100Rs, 2200Rs, 2205Rh, 2250Rs, 2300Rs, 2310, 2330Hs, 2400Rs, 2450Rh, 2500Hh, 2540Rh, 2545Rh, 2600Hh, 2605Hh, 2606Hh, 2635Rh, 2700Hh, 2700Rh, 2800, 2800H2W, 2800H2B, 2800Hay, 3600Hh, 3600Rh, 3605Hh, 3610Hh, 3800H2B, 3900H2B, 3910H2B, 5000 .   Includes A Brushroller Or Brushbar With An End Cap.  This Replacesâ Oreck Part Number 75202-01, 75104-02, 75930-03 

Make Sure You Have Your Vacuum Cleaner Unplugged Before Doing Any Repairs.  If You Are Unsure Of Installation Or The Repair Process Please Contact Us Or Bring Your Machine To A Qualified Repair Center.  This Product Meet Or Exceed Original Factory Specifications.  This Is Not An Original Equipment Manufactured Part And If Applicable, Not Included Under The Original Manufacturer'S Warranty.  The Oreck Brand Is A Registered Trademark And Its Use Is Solely For Compatibility Purposes.

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