FRAGRANT SCENT Odor Control Pets, Lovin' Lemon, Bulk Size, All Natural 1lb Dog

Dry Formula Odor Control For Pets, Lovin' Lemon, Absorbs Odors, 1 Lb, Natural.

Odor Control Solutions For The Love Of Pets, An All-Natural Treatment For Bacterial Odors. Lovin Lemon Dry Formula, Eliminates Odors And Allergens Caused By Urine, Feces, Vomit, Mildew, Mold, Smoke And Ash Trays, Bacterial Odors In Carpets.

Vacuums: Add 1-2 Tablespoons To A Clean Vacuum Bag Or Bagless Vacuum

Carpets: For A Continuous Release Of Odor Absorbing Crystals, Apply Directly To Affected Area, Leave One Hour And Vacuum. Crystals May Be Left On Carpet And Will Continue To Absorb Odors As They Gas Out.

Cat Urine Odor: Sprinkle Crystals Directly On Area Of Accident, Leave Overnight And Vacuum. Where Cat Urine Deposits Occur Over An Extended Period, Brush Into Carpet And Leave.

Pet Beds, Pet Cages, Kennels: Sprinkle Crystals On, Under And In All Pet Areas On Leave.

Upholstery And Fabrics. For Sofas And Mattresses, Add Liberally To Affected Area. Leave On One Hour And Vacuum. Place Pillows Or Fabric In A Plastic Bag, Sprinkle With Crystals, Shake And Leave For One Hour Or Longer.

This Is A Granular Product Made From Lava Rocks And Not A Powder. It Does Not Get Stuck In Your Carpet Or Clog Up Your Vacuum Fans.

This Is Used In Nursing Home And The Patients Really Seem To Like It. The Most Popular Is Lovin' Lemon And Gives A Very Clean Smell. A Full One Pound Will Last You A While When Using A Couple A Tablespoons At A Time.

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