Oreck Red Magnesium RS Swivel - Steering - LW1500RS - RED SPL

Oreck Red Magnesium RS Swivel - Steering - LW1500RS - RED 

  • Its unique SlimSwivel Design is limber enough to easily maneuver around furniture. It lies virtually flat to get under beds, too! New edge brushes make cleaning up against baseboards and edges easy. It's so powerful it feels self-propelled.
  • The wireless QuickSwitch in the handle lets you easily select the right power level. Its high-performance motor spins the inverted single helix rollerbrush at an incredible 7,000 RPM on high speed, delivering a powerful cleaning experience.
  • Features a HEPA inner bag, as air passes through this bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles at .3 microns from that air. Its Saniseal Docking System keeps dust from escaping when you change bags, no mess, no fuss.
  • Versatile and highly effective at cleaning virtually any floor surface in your home, from long pile carpet, like frieze, to hard floors. Its twin LED lights illuminates areas under tables and in dark corners for superior visibility.
  • Features an Endurolife Belt to protect the motor from unexpected jams and a new Easy Snap cord clip, a smart way to keep the cord where you need it, not where you don't.
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