Austin Air Cleaner Healthmate Jr. - Sandstone - HM200

Austin Air Cleaner Jr. Sandstone - HM200

The Benefits Of Clean Air Include:

  • Reduced Snoring
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Stop Sneezing
  • Reduce Nighttime Allergies &Amp; Asthma Attacks
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Reduced Coughing And Wheezing
  • Eliminate Dry Mouth And Runny Nose
  • The Hm200 Will Cleanse The Air For Areas Up To 700 Sq Ft.

Who Should Consider The Austin Air Healthmate Jr?

  • Families Looking For Healthy, Fresh, Clean Air 
  • Those Looking For The Best Overall Protection From Airborne Particles And Gases
  • People Close To Farms, Cities And Roads

    Why Is The Austin Healthmate Jr. The Best Choice?

    • Very Effective At Removing Particles In The Air Including Dust, Pollens And Smoke Elements
    • Great At Removing Chemicals And Gases From The Air
    • Removes Viruses And Bacteria
    • Designed For Removing Air Pollutants And Delivering The Freshest Of Air In Smaller Areas
    • Will Cleanse The Air For Areas Up To 700 Sq. Ft.

      The Healthmate Jr. Addresses The Complete Spectrum Of Air Cleaning, Removing Sub-Micron Particles, Noxious Gases And Chemicals. Austin Air’S 360-Degree Intake System Draws Air Into All Sides Of The Healthmate Jr.„, Passing It Through A 4-Stage Filter. The Result, More Clean Air Delivered Faster And More Efficiently Than Any Other Air Cleaner On The Market.

      Stage 1 €Large Particle Pre-Filter Removes Particles Easily Seen By The Naked Eye (E.G. Dust, Hair And Pet Dander)

      Stage 2 €Medium Particle Pre-Filter Removes Small To Medium Size Particles (E.G. Molds, Spores And Pollen)

      Stage 3  About 6.5 Lbs. Of Activated Carbon And Zeolite Removes Chemicals, Gases And Odors

      Stage 4 €30 Ft. Of True Medical Grade Hepa Removes Harmful Micro-Organisms (E.G. Bacteria And Viruses)

      $ 431.24 $ 374.99
      Save $ 56.25

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