Flexmaniac 2400 Flexible Crevice Tool Vacuum, Gets Spiders, Prevent Dryer Fire

I Like this, you get the Flexmaniac 2400 which includes the flexible 24" crevice tool. This thing rocks!

  • Most people probably use this tool as their first line of defense in getting spiders, you known, when just don't want to get too close.
  • Its great at sucking up that stuff that gets between the seat of your car.  Yuk - Right?
  • You can also use this tool on your shopvac outside to get webs around your hose.
  • This two foot long tool is perfect for cleaning the crumbs under the refrigerator after an eating binge.
  • This crevice tool is great at cleaning ceiling fans. I have learned never ever turn the ceiling fan on the opposite direction when there is dust or it will be snowing everywhere and not in a good way. Use this tool first and then you can change your ceiling fan direction for the winter.
  • Seriously, the most important use is the lint in the dryer venting or if your dryer is like mine, you may have a lint filter thingy on the top and this is good to get down to the lint.  I'm not sure of the statistics but you here about dryer fires every once in a while and it usually caused by lint - it can be bad stuff. A symptom of Arteriosclerosis of your dryer vents is a long drying time.
  • Perfect for Hard To Reach Areas - hey you never know. Let's say that you driving along and you see a lady drop her grandmother's ring in one of those parking lot drains that really don't lead anywhere. And her you come with your Flexmanic 2400 in the back of your car with a 12 volt vacuum. You cover the end with piece of cheese cloth and connect it up. The car vacuum and the Flexmaniac 2400 had enough power to grab the ring and you may live happily ever after or you've done a good deed for the day.

Seriously, this is a good and useful item, the tool is a little more than an inch wide and about 1/2" thick. It is designed to flex and bend and both ends are stiff and the flexible part is made of that plastic rubbery type stuff that bend something like the way a garden hose may bend but the material is stiffer. It will bend up to 180 degrees and works best at less than 90. Fits standard vacuum with 1-1/4" hose or 32mm.

This is a good item to have and use especially with the risk of Dryer fires. Order now and your Flexmaniac 2400 will be sent out to you. Let us now how you used the Flexmaniac 2400.

If you ever need help with your vacuum call or text MonsterVacuum at 256-472-4400 - this is like the 911 of vacuum help. Thanks.

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