Kirby G4 vacuum cleaner parts schematic wit complete parts listing. Kirby bags, Kirby fans, Kirby belts, Kirby mini emptors are all here at


02. O Ring Horn Adapter 601996S
03. Rivet Horn Adapter 100689A
04. Exhaust Duct 106393
05. Grill Exhaust Duct 104193S
06. Screw Exhaust Duct 605989A
07. Screw Base to Motor 233100A
08. Screw Power Drive to Base 233100A
09. Screw Motor Static Wire to Base 231995S
10. Screw Fan Case to Base 231595S
11. Screw Fan Case to Base (Bottom) 234898S
12. Screw Fan Case Front (Flat Head) 234998S
13. Screw Slide Bracket to Base 232495S
14. Cover Less Trim Strips NLA
15. Cover Trim Strip 630993S
16. Cover Trim Strip Right 630893S
17. Scuff Plate 111295
18. Screw Scuff Plate 233405S
19. Cord Clip Tie NLA
19. Tie Cord Clip 230093A
20. Screw Cord Clip 232495S
21. Screw Cover to Fan Case (Front) 232395S
22. Screw Cover to Base (Rear) 232495S
23. Kirby Handle Pivot Spring W/Boot Sentria 671906G
24. Boot Handle Pivot 178692S
25. Screw Pivot Assembly to Slide 233897S
26. Cord Set With Clip Tie (Less Boot) 192096
27. Cover Cord Set 196093S
28. Screw Cord Cover 232495S