How to get rid of Spiders in Your Home - Naturally

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If you see a spider on you wall a clump of toilet tissue and a burial as sea (toilet) is usually the first response. If you have a spider high on the wall, I like to use a long crevice tool (see picture below) and suck them up in a vacuum and the best part, it doesn't leave any marks! If you like to spray your spiders (although it does usually leave a mark), I like the natural approach with a few drops of Lavender, Citronella, or Eucalyptus. Cinnamon, Citrus, Peppermint or Tea Tree Oil in a spray bottle filled with water.

To keep spiders from coming back get rid of the webs outside with a long handle duster (see picture below) and plant Lavender, Citronella or Eucalyptus. You can also make a natural repellent with chestnut extract and spray around the house. A spiders feet acts as their nose and won't cross over chestnut extract.

You can also make a mixture of two tablespoons of dish soap into water and 5 drops of tree tea oil and 1 oz of neem oil (both available at a health food store) . Mix it together, put in a spray bottle and spray the area where spiders have been seen. This repellent is safe for small children and pets.

The wolf spiders, although not deadly, carry their young on their backs and if you have ever stepped on one you know what happens. The baby spiders jump off their mama and head for the hills. If you see one of these, especially in your home take extra precautions.


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