• It's That Time of Year! Pumpkin Spice everything, leaves turning beautiful colors, crisp & cool air, and time to...

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    Hi friends!  Happy Autumn! 

    My dad used to call it "the fall of the year."  I wonder if that's where we get "fall" from as the alternate name for the season? Hmm...

    Anyway, there are things you'll want to remember to do at this time of year besides stocking up on treats for the costumed cuties, carving pumpkins and starting to think ahead to your Thanksgiving menu.

    It's almost time to turn the clocks back and that's when we know we need to replace the batteries on our smoke detectors. 

    Here are a few more tips for a safe and cozy season:

    1. As temps get cooler and we don't open the windows so much, it is a good time to prepare them for being closed till next April:  Give the screens a thorough vacuuming.  Be sure to vacuum the whole space between the window panes and the screen - you know that area where the spiders (and cobs?) like to make webs.  Dead bugs like to collect in there, too.  I can't imagine why that's a preferred place to die if you're a bug, but it's a veritable cemetery of bugs and flies who've since lived out their destinies. If you have storm windows you'll want to go ahead and replace the screens with those. 

    2. The chill in the air means the heat will be coming on, even if just at night to start with.  Be sure to thoroughly vacuum all vents and either vacuum "permanent" filters, or replace them. 

    (If you have an air purifier in your homo, now is a good time to vacuum or replace those filters as well.) 

    3. You might even take your vacuum outside to clear out the vents of your HVAC unit.  Just be sure nothing is getting sucked into your vacuum that could damage it, or is too large or sharp for the vacuum cleaner bag. 

    4. Vacuum behind your clothes dryer and inside the lint trap to avoid a fire and to keep your dryer running efficiently. 

    5. While you're doing an autumnal clean-up, it's a great idea to take just a few extra minutes to vacuum the soffits above kitchen cabinets, behind the refrigerator and underneath of beds. 

    6. Finally, if it's not all cleaned out yet, get the fireplace swept and vacuumed out so its ready for the cozy (and romantic?) evenings by the fire.  *If its been a while since you've had your chimney professionally swept, I highly recommend getting that done before using your fireplace this year. It's always better to be safe than sorry. 

    I hope you find these trips helpful.  Thanks for spending a few minutes with us here at MonsterVacuum.  Have a very blessed day! 

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  • The Real "Trick" to Vacumming

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     We all learned to vacuum watching our moms, or by trial and error...and really, what error?  You just vacuum, right?  

      Truth is, there is a best way to vacuum.  Probably none of the ways anyone vacuums are incorrect or ineffective.  But unless vacuuming is something your just absolutely love to do, you'd likely prefer to do it really thoroughly so it makes a difference.  Who wants to expend energy on a task and have it amount to little? Yeah, not me either.  Let's look at the best way to vacuum for the room your vacuuming AND FOR YOUR BACK!

    First thing's first- The Right Tool for the Right Job:

    That Crevice Tool: yes, the one you use to get spiders when they're up too high, as well as their yucky webs, that's the tool to use for vacuuming baseboards.  You can really get down to the bottom of the baseboard where the wall meets the floor. 

    The Upolstery Brush: this guy does just what he's made to do better than any other!  Use this to clean any upolstery (yes, even in the car!) in every room of the house.  This attachment is also great for vacuuming drapes and valances.  The small "beaters" really catch the dust and allergens. 

    The Hard Floor Brush: If you've ever been in a big hurry and just went from carpet to hard floor with the regular power head and you felt little bits hitting your ankles, then you see the main problem.  The hard floor brush is like a broom with a vacuum attached.  It's made to catch all those little bits bits off of your hard floors without scratching them like the regular power head can.  Using the hard floor attachment with assure that your floor is cleared of debris, like no other attachment can. 

    The Dusting Brush: This thing is a GEM!  It's to be used for dusting, as its name says.  This is the best tool you have in your house for dusting lamp shades!  Use it for door frames, tops of frames wall art, tops of TV screens, bookshelves...think of places in your home that could benefit from a good vacuuming, and there you have it, places thing piece will work. 

    The Regular Power Head:  Now here's your work horse for your rugs and carpets!  This things has beater brushes made to get down into the carpet and lift dust,, debris, pet hair, your hubby's toenail clippings...you name it!  AND it leaves those great "cut" marks that make the whole room look clean!

    Is there an order in which to do these different tasks?  I'm so glad you asked!  Personally, I find it Mose efficient to do all the attachment work first, around the border of the room, the furniture, etc...then you've got things moved around so you can vacuum behind everything - that's when you break of the regular power head and finish the room off.  

    Is there a better way to vacuum a room?  My friends, there is actually a BEST WAY TO VACUUM A ROOM!  Plug your vacuum in nearest the exit of the room as you can get.  Now begin vacuuming at the furthest corner of the room from the room's exit.  Make one pass with your vacuum straight up and back, then up again and come back clightly diagonal. Now move straight up from your diagonal line until you've made an tight "W" pattern, essentially making three passes over each small section of carpet.  This gets each space optimally clean of dust, debris and allergens.  Continue in this manner. Always making "W" patterns, passing three times over each section, moving yourself and your vacuum backwards out of the room. In the end you'll have vacuumed your way out of the room, never stepping on your beautifully cut pattern, leaving the carpet perfectly vacuumed. Aaaaaaahhhhh... Now doesn't that feel good?  Time for bon bons and the latest issue of your fav magazine! 

    What about the "Odor Control Solutions" that we carry here at Monster vacuum?  GREAT question!  (Thanks)  "Odor Control Solutions (For The Love of Pets)" by Good Home Scents, is made from lava rocks and is especially made to assist your vacuum cleaner in loosening and lifting dirt, loose carpet fibers, allergens, dust, pet hair and dander, as well as unpleasant odors from your carpets and rugs.  Use every other week, or at least once a month, not only cuts down on all those unpleasant things, but it also deodorizes you room, your carpet/rug, and even your vacuum!  Use every time you vacuum to cut down on allergens. Simply sprinkle a generous amount onto area, leave on for one hour and vacuum up. It's recommended for use on cat urine, litter boxes, pet beds, pet cages or kennels as well as upolstery, fabric and even mattresses.  You can even sprinkle the crystals right onto your pet's fur and brush off. * We recommend the fragrance free crystals for sensitive pets. 

    What if you have a bad back? SO glad you asked!  We tend to vacuum standing with our legs straight and the vacuum by our side.  If you're having back pain, there is a better way!  Position the vacuum directly in front of you, bend your knees like an athlete, and s l o w l y push the vacuum straight ahead moving your legs into a lunge.  Don't push far so, only as far as the lunge is not uncomfortable.  Bring the vacuum back, and if you can, make a third pass back up, lunging again.  As you pull the vacuum back toward the center of your body, pull it a little diagonally and then back up, lunging slightly again. Continue, very slowly, in the "W" pattern as mentioned above; or if you're having a lot of back pain, do the best you are capable of doing without causing yourself more pain.  Remember please, nothing is worth further hurting. The mess will be there when you're feeling better. 

    Better yet, ask for help!  Surely there are children, neighbors or church family you can call on.  Many churches have a list church members who've volunteered to help other church members with meals, housework, errands or babysitting when needed, as their ministry.  If your house of worship doesn't have this, maybe you'd like to be the one to get it started.  That's something you can do even with back pain!  

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  • Simple Household Hacks You'll Wish You'd Known All Along!

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    Hi Friends!

    Here are a bunch of hacks that I know you're going to be glad to know.  In fact, you're going to wish you'd known them all along!

    1. To get red wine to release from fabric, who'd have guessed that white wine was the trick?  Yup. Pour a small amount of white wine onto a white or light colored towel or cloth and dab it on the red wine spot.  No need to rub and risk messing up your fabric.  Just keep dabbing till the spot loosens and lifts. 

    2. To release the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke from fabric like your favorite coat or blazer that you don't want to take to the cleaner, or your drapes, try this: Fill a spray bottle with 1 part vodka (yes, vodka, but plain vodka, I can't vouch for the flavored ones.) and 2 parts lukewarm water.  Spritz the garment or drapes, but don't saturate.  It works better than the leading fabric freshener spray because it leaves no scent behind at all. 

    3. To get an oil spot out of a tablecloth or even a garment (meaning olive or vegetable oil, edible oils or even essential oils - NOT motor oil) right away, or as soon as you can, sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder or cornstarch onto the spot.  let it sit for up to 5 hours. Brush away the powder and the stain should be gone, too. 

    4. This one is for clothing - if you put your shirt on after you've already put on deodorant and the deodorant gets on your shirt (I hate that!) here's the best way to get rid of the marks on your shirt: Use a pair of jeans!  Yes, the denim will lift the deodorant marks if you rub the jeans onto them.  Who knew? 

    5. Do you have curtains or drapes that won't stay closed?  I know! It's so annoying. Here a tip:  Close them together with wig tape. Yes, you read that right. Wig tape is available in any beauty supply store as well as online. It's meant to hold a wig on no matter the weather. And it's so cheap! A little wig tape will go a long way and will last a long time. 

    5A. An extra little tip: Use wig tape for your clothing, too!  If you have a strap that slips or a button down shirt that has a gap oR a skirt that blows up with a breeze, use that wig tape to fix those problems. it will stick to any fabric and will stick to your skin. But, what about the skirt blowing up? Put small pieces of wig tape all around the inside hem of your shirt and then go back around and stick pennies to them. Boom! Done. 

    6. For sweat or ring-around-the-collar stains on clothing, she=Ray lemon juice on them before washing.  it's better than ANY laundry pretreated and its cruelty free!

    7. For a stuck zipper - on a pillow covering, a jacket, your fav pair of jeans, etc. try this:  run a pencil down the zipper, or a crayon. The lead or the crayon wax should do the trick nicely. 

    8. To give new life, literally, to cut flowers, as they are just beginning to wilt, don't lament.  Instead, take them out of the vase and refill the vase with warm water an a few tablespoons to 1/4 cup of sugar. Now cut the stems of your flowers, one at a time, about an inch to 2 inches above the original cut, but this time cut on the diagonal. Also, cut any leaves off of the stems so water isn't lost on leaves but keeps the stems strong and the blossoms vibrant.  Place your flowers back into your vase and that should buy you a few more days! 

    9. To organize scarves in your closet: you need 1 hanger and as many shower curtain rings as you have scarves.  Now open the shower curtain rings and secure them around the bottom of your hanger. When that's complete you can thread your scarves, each one through a separate ring. 

    10. Finally a hack for makeup wearers: if you've gotten a bit of sun but not enough to shop for new foundation makeup, or you just don't want to go looking for a new shade, pop open a turmeric capsule or grab some ground turmeric from your spice cabinet. Mix a very small amount of turmeric to your foundation makeup. The turmeric will add a yellow color to your foundation and should help make your foundation match your tan skin tone better. 

    That's all for now.  Thanks for dropping by!  Drop in again next Saturday for something different to lighten your load. Peace!

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